A restaurant in the Czech Republic penalizes customers for uneaten meals


Visitors can take from the buffet meals in unlimited quantities, however, a fine for leftover food on the plate will be half the cost of lunch.

A restaurant in the Czech town of Dobromerice, working on the principle of “eat what you want”, began to penalize clients for the neglect of the food. On Sunday, August 11, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to korrespondent.net.

“Buffet in the restaurant is only open for lunch. The choice of dishes is rather poor — several kinds of meat and side dishes. Yes, you pay 97 euros for entrance and then you can eat anything in unlimited quantities. After the meal, the plate should be attributed to the kitchen, and, if it is to remain, the guest will be asked to pay 50 crowns,” the statement reads.

It is noted that the information on this posted at the entrance to the restaurant and directly in the hall.

The Czech trade inspection did we practice anything illegal. It noted that a restaurant must be seen and available to inform consumers about the applicable rules. Since this was done, claims verification body can not be.

However, the Inspectorate noted: if a customer refuses to pay the penalty for uneaten food, the restaurant may seek payment only through court.


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