A resident of Yakutia drank a bottle of vodka, took the wheel and ran over students


Житель Якутии выпил бутылку водки, сел за руль и задавил школьников

In the Yakut village Ogorodtakh a drunk driver crashed into a group of seven students, resulting in one teenager killed, three people were hospitalized. This was reported on the website of the interior Ministry in Yakutia. The accident occurred on October 14, around 22:00 local time.

At the time of the accident on the front passenger seat was a friend of the driver. Found that men returned to the village after drinking two bottles of vodka on the banks of the river.

Upon road accident criminal case, the driver was detained and placed in temporary detention.

“In the place of the accident revealed shortcomings in the transport-operational condition of the carriageway in the absence of street lighting. All the children were dressed in dark colored clothing with no reflective elements,” — said the police.


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