A resident of the US accidentally won the lottery 150 thousand dollars


Жительница США случайно выиграла в лотерею 150 тысяч долларовAmerican woman won the lottery thanks to her granddaughter

The inhabitant of American state Virginia has won 150 thousand dollars. the lottery.

The winner is Linda Barnes. One night she’s at the request of the granddaughter decided to cook Taco (a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine – ed.). But the house lacked the necessary utensils to prepare ingredients, and Barnes went to the grocery store.

“I bought a lottery ticket, which brought me a prize of 150 thousand dollars”, she said.

What to spend the winnings, the winner is still unknown.

Recall that in 2018, the millionaires and multimillionaires of the popular Ukrainian lottery “Loto-Zabava” Ukrainian steel 33.


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