A rare gift is helping the Scottish taste of human names


Редкий дар помогает шотландке ощущать вкус человеческих имен The girl has a rare form of synesthesia.

37-year-old Julie McDowall from the Scottish city of Glasgow has a very rare ability called “synesthesia,” which allows a special way to perceive our world.

We are talking about a neurological phenomenon or a disease (treatment in this case may be different), in which the irritation of one sense triggers an involuntary sensation in another. People with this brain structure can, for example, “see” music, “smell” colors or “hear” odors (each of them has synesthesia manifests itself differently).

So, Julie feels a taste in the mouth whenever he hears someone’s name. Sometimes she even sees in this some images that are difficult to describe, but often it is only about taste. At first glance it may seem that to live with this ability is not very easy, but a woman says: nothing wrong with that. Julie suffers from synesthesia since early childhood and have long been accustomed to the sensations.

What are the taste of people’s names? According to McDowall, the name Brian has her a taste of coconut, Graham – cold steel, John – a quality Shoe leather, Danielle – pasta with tomato sauce, Wendy – orange juice, Jesus – chocolate balls with a wafer filling. Moreover, together with the name and patronymic names take on special flavors, even the full and reduced name is completely different…

Users of social networks in which Julie was constantly asking her to tell me what taste have their names. This allows the woman to be very popular on the Internet, so many of the regulars of social networks with pleasure had got to such a gift: it makes much easier to gain popularity than posting in the “world wide web” endless selfies.


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