A powerful lightning struck the plane flying from Istanbul


Мощная молния ударила в самолет, летевший из СтамбулаThe plane in Tbilisi.

Lightning struck a plane of the Atlas global, EN route from Istanbul to Tbilisi, with the result that he had to return back to the airport.

According to them, lightning struck the ship a few minutes after takeoff, causing the crew decided to return to Ataturk airport, flight to Tbilisi direction were rescheduled for several hours later.

“After 15-20 minutes after takeoff, noticed a bright light, and lightning struck the plane. After that the problems started with the office, consequently, the pilot decided to return back to the airport”, – told reporters the passenger David Loladze.

According to another passenger Kote Matitashvili, “injured in the incident, however, as far as we know, the aircraft still received damage, which is why it was decided to return to the airport.”

In a press-service of the airport told reporters that the flight Istanbul-Tbilisi was postponed due to bad weather.


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