A popular item of fishing different fish


As a lover of cool water in the hot months garfish kept far from the coast, therefore not available for fishing sports gear.

Since the end of September, it increasingly approaches the coast, especially in the dark.

After the billfish is possible with varying success until the end of April. This large time span it rains, raging storms and strong winds that make fishing impossible. The maximum allowable storm and a half-two points with a slight turbidity.

With complete calm and high water transparency this fish is very careful and requires a special approach to the selection of lures and their presentation.


All prey species of billfish can be divided into fishing with artificial or natural baits. Fishing on artificial faux is divided into fishing and fly fishing with spinning lures. Fishing on a natural bait is the prey of Gar or float tackle, or bombarde.

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But I will tell you everything in order.


Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


Fishing for Gar on the fly use quick fly rods 4-5th grade length of 2.7 meters. The coil needs to be a class above the rod and used to hold floating torpedo-like cord, leader, leash, and 100 meters of backing strength 20 lb.

Binding loose on the spool after winding all these components snap must be not less than 3-4 mm. Requirements for cord — its maximum ability to penetrate the wind for long distance casts and to work with sinking leaders.


Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


You’ll need a set of leaders with different speed dives 7 to 8 feet long (2,1–2,4 m). Depending on water clarity and fishing activity you will most often use leaders from slow to fast sinking.

The usual length fluorocarbonates leash with a diameter of 0.14–0.18 mm to 2.0–2.5 m

The majority of fly fishing for Gar imitate shrimp and small fish. They are on hooks № 6-8. You can catch one fly, and you can use the snap-in from 2-3 flies.

For fly fishing a take a waist basket for laying cord. For fishing from the shore is very convenient.


For fishing lures spinning rods are used with a length of 2.5–3.0 m with the test up to 30, Spinning reel size 2000 to 3000 according to the classification of Shimano and Daiwa should contain 100-150 m in the classical winding 2 mm to the edge of the rim of the spool. Use braided fishing line with a diameter of 0.1–0.15 mm, or fluorocarbon monofil with diameter of 0,18–0,22 mm.

As spinning lures used crankbaits, pilkery, spoons and turntables. The usual size of these baits 3-5 cm

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When fishing with braided line bait tied on fluorocarbon leash with a diameter of 0.18–0.2 mm and a length of 50-70 cm


The power of the Sargan small fish involves the use of a narrow lures. Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


Very small and light lures spinning thrown with slow sinking bombarde weighing up to 20 g. works Well equipment, consisting of Pilcher on her end and 2-3 flies tied above on a short leash.

Flies used are the same as fly-fishing. We can say, in various combinations and the combination in spinning tackle — a matter of taste and your imagination. Most importantly, the fish respond to them, the main indicator of the correctness of this or that equipment.

Avoid use on lures triple hooks. Sargan often attack the lure flocks and zaparivatsya for treble hooks various parts of the body. This makes fishing unsportsmanlike, although with the active bite so you can catch a lot of fish.


Now go to the fishing with natural bait. As such, use chicken meat, cut into thin, long strips with a thickness of 3-5 mm and a length of 4-6 cm, in the same way cut skin of chicken and salmon meat.

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In addition, in the Black sea is found a small fish called Catherine, or local, glass. Cut from the sides of the strips with the skin and scales of fish is also a great bait for the billfish. You can apply and manure worms size 4-7 cm, and the meat of the shrimp — like ocean, bought in the grocery store, and small black sea, meat which is commonly used in its raw form.


Fishing for Gar is very important to build the correct tooling. Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


One of the most long-used tackle for fishing for billfish with bait is deaf float tackle. It consists of rods with a length of 7-8 m, the basic scaffold of 0,2–0,25 mm, the float of arbitrary shape under the load of 2.0–2.5 g.

The leash on this gear should be 40-50 cm, with a diameter of 0.12–0.16 mm. Hook desirable of thin wire, short or medium length forend, No. 8-12, depending on the model and brand.


On the exposed snap-in depth from 70 cm to 1 m, so the billfish are Caught most often with Boone, piers and other engineering structures. You can catch up on one tackle, but it is more efficient to use two, fixed after casting special devices.

After a take we should not hurry, because the fish should be allowed to swallow the bait. Usually after the float will disappear from the surface, you should wait 3-5 seconds and then make a very soft cutting.

Also with a float snap-in can cast with any spinning gear. Such arbitrariness is allowed because when fishing float tackle is not required in a timely and trenchant holds.


Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


Another popular rig for catching this “strange” fish with natural baits is a snap with the bombard. For this fit any fishing rod with carrying the rings in length from 2.5 to 4 m with the test up to 30 g Reel size 2500-3000, fishing line
0,25–0,32 mm.

Transparent slowly sinking Bombarda may be weighing 15-25 g, leash with a diameter of 0,13–0,17 mm and a length of 1.0–1.5 m connects to the main line with microturbine.

The shape and size of the hook are the same as for fishing on float tackle.

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When fishing with natural bait with the bombard should be sure to pick up the speed of the transaction. She’s usually monotone slow. You just need to sit on the beach and after casting lazily and slowly reel the line onto the spool. It looks pretty sad sight, but exactly what is the largest number of bites.


Tackle with reel and heavy jig allow you to perform long-range casting to reach the fish. Photo: Gennady Shelyag.


Not only that, garfish strange mind fish, he’s still eccentric behavior. Never with a precision impossible to say when he comes ashore, and when it would not be within reach of the casts. Garfish can appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Meanwhile, his fishing.

Where there are no breakwaters blocking the way to the open sea to fish effectively from shore. Where there are breakwaters, groynes, wharves and other engineering structures, it is necessary to use them for making long-distance casts.


When fishing this quick, fast-moving predator should continuously monitor the water surface. During the active hunting garfish shows its presence by jumping on the surface, visible bursts of small fish fleeing from the sharp scissors of its jaw.

Catching this unusual fish is always a search, a movement and ongoing experiments. On this fishing trip you will not be bored— guaranteed!


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