A passenger with a grenade launcher was spotted in the subway of St. Petersburg


Пассажир с гранатомётом был замечен в метро Петербурга

Saint Petersburg / AbsolutTV.ru / In the Northern capital today, law enforcement agencies are searching for passengers of the metro, where the woman reported, claiming that in the hands of men was a rocket propelled grenade (RPG). About the reported “Fontanka”, without specifying the source.

According to the network resource, the passenger saw the man with the grenade launcher at the metro station “Novocherkasskaya” yesterday, 9 December. She claimed that in the hands of the suspicious passenger was an RPG. The woman also reported that the man was wearing a hooded jacket, he also had sunglasses.

Vigilant passenger subway also said that the man with the grenade got off at the station “Dostoevskaya”. She decided to talk about their disturbing observations to the policeman at the station “Moskovskye Vorota”. The police have an APB out on a suspicious man.


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