A number of products that can help to “cheat” the feeling of hunger


This was reported by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

To count every calorie in hopes to lose weight quickly – is not effective, experts believe. Because caloric foods and satiety, which he gives are two different things, which do not always coincide. And indulging in many foods and chewing for lunch lettuce, we’re fueled by a ravenous appetite, writes the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

To avoid this trouble is possible if to include in the diet of the right foods or to make them light snacks between the main meals.

“Should include in the diet foods that will suppress appetite and saturate the body with the necessary quantity of active substances. For example, a simple product such as potatoes is very filling, but the calories in it is much less than in a slice of bread. This, of course, talking about the boiled potatoes, preferably in uniform (so it keeps much more nutrients), but not fried or French fries,” said the doctor.

The perfect complement to dinner would be sea Kale, onions, herbs, and instead of a snack pears are foods that contain large amounts of iodine, which has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. It is from the thyroid affects the metabolism, it controls our appetite and ultimately, weight.

“Most of the iodine in the seafood and marine fish – include them in your diet as often as possible and you will feel cheerful and well-fed. For a person engaged in mental labor, saltwater fish with vegetables – the best lunch option,” said the medic.

Perfect for a snack before lunch, vegetables and fruit, especially citrus. The best choice in cold and flu season will be oranges first, they have a lot of vitamin C, secondly, despite the low calorie, they are one of the first places in the list of the most nourishing fruits. And all because oranges contain a lot of fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety and positively affects the gastrointestinal tract.

If during the working day constantly want something to eat, stock up on almond nuts. They contain dietary fiber, fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, so the fill you up quickly and satisfy your hunger. But remember that all nuts are high in calories, because if you follow the figure and are struggling with excess weight, not eat more than 10 nuts a day.


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