“A normal person Solovyov and Kiseleva will not be watching”


I have a strong belief that if a person looks Solovyov transfer or Kiselev, then he Solovyov. Kiselev. And Gordon. A normal person (unless he’s a masochist) because of one supposed to look like shit will not. Just do not tell me that “the enemy must know in person” and “I just wonder to what extent the baseness and meanness…” do Not take the head. And you of these individuals do not know. And that baseness and meanness has no limit, don’t understand… Watch and listen to, if, as Kasparov spoke, you do not “zapadlo”. Don’t forget the accent on the letter “o”…


Our eyes went through a remarkable transformation. For example, several times I crossed paths with Norkin (how to wash your hand now?), repeatedly communicated with Sergey Dorenko, a book with a touching inscription recently threw it out. Today he and the other turned into servile insignificance as the Leontiev or Shevchenko… In my opinion, Ilya Milstein was an article with the awesome title: “use of the Gordons”. The one case when the text can not write, the name already said it all.

To hell with them, with greedy as my friend George Weiner. But unless this rabble? Not going to name big names. You know them. And love. And I love it. What happened to these people? Can already hear the indignant exclamations: “Oh, judge not, that ye be not judged!”, “Don’t you realize that pinned him to the wall?!”, “He did it for the sake of theater!”, “You know, if she hadn’t caved, she would not give to help children?!”, “You have no idea how he was being blackmailed! You can’t judge!..”

Oh, come on, I’m not judging, I am amazed… Amazed and can’t understand what needs to be different code of assessment for them and for people like Jurassic and Basilashvili, Fateeva and Akhedzhakova, Kvasha and Kikabidze, and the actor Devotchenko, Shevchuk and Diana?.. No one expects you to go to the barricades. Aren’t there enough decent people who simply remain silent, not allowing himself to carry the filth to the level of the lumpen out of the gate? Fazil Iskander wrote that honesty does not geroicheski, it involves not participating in meanness…

People that support Ogre, inevitably turns into its accomplice, partner and dinner companion. So he’s either an idiot or a scoundrel. Third, unfortunately, is not given as we would not want that well-wishers, and no matter how much we tried to explain pseudohuman, “progressive” nonsense. “Oh, Oh, Yes, they didn’t understand…” is Not understood? So idiots? Or, still, knew, simply, “circumstances have forced”?.. So, the bastards. Not given to third. And never had this. Under Hitler, under Stalin, and Putin will not be given. There is only one defense – immediate threat to life. Your and your loved ones. In any other case — no excuses. To understand Yes you can. And can not be forgiven. That’s the whole “dick penny”.

Yet again can remember the words of a wonderful writer Ilya Zverev: “the circumstances of our shit. But if you’re shit, don’t blame the circumstances.”

A huge part of the Russian people transformed, in the apt words of Goebbels, “herd of cattle”. Well if only the punks and all the rabble like Prilepin or Okhlobystin. No… for example, Kalyagin, quite a decent actor, in his old age did not hesitate to put on myself the mark of sycophants and court lackey. “Hello, I your aunt!”

And Yunna Moritz writes monstrous, evil and that’s horrible, absolutely worthless anti-Semitic verses. Yes for one only savory, it invented the word “slewrate”, it is the order earned. All four degrees at once. It’s like Russian language enriched! I like slowrey, just love it. Only you do not say anyone is “the big secret for a small company…” Congratulations to you, Yunna Pinchukova: you are now finally in good company. And do not be shy – not so small…

Human rights activist kisses the hand of the sovereign. B-R-R-rrrr… Well, gross. “Stop! She’s older!”, “She must be crazy!” Well, Yes, Yes… Imagine in its place of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov. Or Valeriya Novodvorskaya. Vladimir Bukovsky? Edik Kuznetsov? What does not work?.. “The world has changed — on the fence s*it says “Mel”.


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