A new way to strengthen the wood will create a heavy-duty armor


Новый способ укрепления древесины позволит создать сверхпрочную броню Scientists have developed a technology to strengthen the wood, making it stronger than steel.

The technology that allows you to do of wood a material superior to steel in strength, were presented by the experts from the University of Maryland. Bulletproof coating of such wood would be pretty effective, while possessing a low cost.

At the initial stage, the creation of surprices reminiscent of wood manufacture of pulp — wood boiled in a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfite. After that the wood can effectively compress, and if it is to provide adequate pressure and gradually increase the temperature, the compression will lead to the formation of a huge set of hydrogen bonds between adjacent cellulose chains. Each of these relations is itself weak, but to break them all at the same time, as noted, is very difficult. As a result, the wood becomes ten times more rigid and nearly impervious to moisture, reports popmech.ru.

Experts note that the containers with high humidity, the thickness of the compressed wood increased by only 10 percent, and cover it with a layer of paint was allowed to fully eliminate this effect.

As a material for bullet-proof protective gear compressed wood Kevlar slightly inferior in quality, however economical it 20 times. Scientific work, which describes the properties of the heavy-duty wood, was published in the journal Nature.


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