A new project, Elon musk may be the beginning of new challenges in space


Новый проект Илона Маска может стать началом новых проблем в космосеThe initiator of the project SpaceX successful businessman Elon Musk.

Scientists believe that the new SpaceX project could be the beginning of new problems in space. After all, it can clutter up the space debris.

The goal of his program, he believes the emergence throughout the world of unlimited high-speed Internet. It’s very good on the one hand, but there is a second, not a good prospect. Scientists believe that running 12 thousands of satellites into space to ensure the implementation of the project SpaceX will be able in the future to clutter up the environment with unnecessary waste.

The garbage can reduce productivity safe space stations. According to scientists, the satellites will be in space themselves will gradually become waste. But contrary to the theories of scientists, modern netizens have sided with Elon musk, claims that the need to introduce new technologies and expand the functions of wireless Internet. If the consequences will come, then the problem can be solved more optimally, and now we need to take care of that more globally.


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