A new problem with Apple iPhone screen X: strong defect image


Smartphone Apple iPhone X, as well as its competitor Google Pixel 2 XL, was not only prohibitively expensive but also very crude and of poor quality. About the problems with the buggy iOS 11, which is now finished in the wildest haste, know all, and today was revealed minus the new Apple flagship – he had serious display problems.

Just yesterday we wrote about the fact that the Apple display X iPhone is afraid of the Russian cold weather and ceases to respond to touch, and today Seth posted information about the new abilities of the screen: he learned to display a fairly wide green strip, which may occur in random areas and greatly interfere with using the gadget. On photos it is visible to the naked eye, and similar problems do not even have smartphones for $ 100. The network already has a few dozen complaints on this issue from owners of Apple iPhone X: according to them, even a restart of the device and a hard reset does not save the situation: the band can disappear and immediately reappear elsewhere on the screen.

Apple itself has no answer to this problem, but, according to the number of owners calling to service centre smartphone screen was replaced for free, after which the band disappeared. Therefore, the problem is hardware, so the quality of the Apple iPhone X for almost 100 000 akin to Chinese devices in terms for 3000 rubles.


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