A new host, “she zvazheni schaslivi” came under a barrage of criticism


Social network users suspected Miroslav Alanine in anorexia.

Fat known that in the new season of the project, “she zvazheni schaslivi” coming changes in the coaching staff, where third place is Vasyl Virastyuk, as previously Chronicle.Info reported. And also, will the new leading expert on proper and healthy nutrition and fitness Miroslav Ulyanina.

Instagram Vyacheslav Uzelkov has shared the first photos from the start of filming of the project, which he captured with his wife Maryna, Vasyl Virastyuk and Miroslava Alaninol.

In comments under a photo subscribers Uzelkov became indignant: “the Leading need gain weight:))))Anorexia: (“”don’t understand how you can invite someone to the role of leading with obvious problems…she’s sick skinny…like anorexic…look where Rogovtseva STB??”, “Without Anita, the show will not…”.


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