A Nasty case of Fish: the court rendered the first decision


Дело Насти Рыбки: суд вынес первое решениеThere is still one court.

The court of Thailand acquitted on the case of illegal “sex-training” Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie), Anastasia, Vashukevich (nasty Fish) and six Russians and Belarusians. About it the lawyer Sathapana of Sioda, writes Chronical.info with reference to Stranaya.

“The court of the city of Pattaya met my clients in the case of illegal business and labor in connection with the recent entry into force of amendments to labour legislation”, — said Sioka.

At the same time, another case against arrested the organization of prostitution continues. “They are still subject to deportation to their country of citizenship, but to leave Thailand until you can, as in them there is a consequence in the case of an organization providing services of a sexual nature in a criminal group” — said the lawyer

Sioka noted that in the second case his client threaten long sentences. Meeting him associated with the extension of the measure, scheduled for April 24 and will be held in a conference call, he added.

Fish, Leslie and the other defendants on April 13 was sent to the city prison of Pattaya as a preventive measure.

Fame Nasty Fish and Alex Leslie received after posted in social networks information about the personal life of the businessman Oleg Deripaska. The businessman took them to court, and all the pictures and videos need to be removed.


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