A meteorite could have brought life to Earth from another part of the galaxy


Метеорит мог принести жизнь на Землю из другой части галактики The researchers looked at the most exotic options of origin Omwamwi.

Scientists from Harvard said that a couple of years ago in the earth’s atmosphere burned a meteorite that came from another planetary system in the milky way and could carry with it life.

At the end of the 2017 canadian astronomer and physicist Robert Werek found the first interstellar object in the Solar system – the asteroid Omwamwi. Over the years, scientists observed the asteroid flew from the orbit of another star and tried to unravel the strange trajectory of its motion, which is not consistent with the majority of space objects in our Solar system.

The researchers looked at the most exotic options of origin Omwamwi, and astronomer from Harvard University Abraham Loeb venture to guess that the mysterious asteroid “can be an active part of the technology of extraterrestrial beings”.

The Loeb together with his student Amir Sirasam made even more sensational statement: Omwamwi could be the second seen interstellar object that flew into our Solar system.

According to CNet, with reference to accepted for publication an article by Loeb and Siracha in the scientific journal the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the first space rock flew from another planetary system in the milky way could be a meteorite that burned up in the atmosphere of Earth in early 2014.

“The meteorite entered the Solar system at a speed of 60 km/s. Such a high speed can be achieved only in the inner parts of planetary systems like the Earth’s orbit around stars similar to the Sun, but in the habitable zone of dwarf stars, which allows such objects to bear the life of their parent planets,” writes Abraham Loeb.

According to scientists, many years ago in a different planetary system has caused a huge boost of the meteorite, which flew interstellar space at high speed, and after passing through an indefinite number of light-years burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

In 2014, the meteorite was one of many that made the list NASA as burning up in the atmosphere of a space object. But, later, Loeb and Seras found that its speed was abnormally high, and the stone is not passed by any of the orbits of larger objects in the Solar system.

Astronomer who was credited with an extraterrestrial origin Omwamwi a couple of months ago now says that such meteorites like burnt in the earth’s atmosphere in 2014, I can have one of the forms of life on Earth from another planetary system.

Loeb also says that you can create a system that will alert astronomers when interstellar meteorite is approaching the Earth, so scientists were able to observe the gases behind the space rock to determine its chemical composition.


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