A mass grave with ISIS victims discovered in Iraq


Массовое захоронение жертв ИГИЛ обнаружено в ИракеOn the part of the executed were of special uniform sentenced to death

“At least 400 people were executed,” said 11 November 2017, the head of administration of the region of Kirkuk Rakan said. It is noted that the site of mass executions located at a distance of three kilometers from Hawija. In part executed, said said, was a special uniform sentenced to death, the other victims were in civilian clothes. As you know, the Iraqi military released Hawija from is militants in early October. Freeing the territory seized by militants, the military has discovered dozens of mass graves with the bodies of hundreds of victims. In search of these graves helped the testimonies of local witnesses.

Recall that Hawija was one of the last bastions of ISIS in Iraq. In early November, the last city controlled by militants of al – Kyme – was liberated by the Iraqi army.


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