A man in Texas was almost killed by the severed head of the snake


Мужчину в Техасе чуть не убила отрубленная голова змеиResident of Texas, USA, took 26 doses of the antidote to save a life after he was bitten by the decapitated head of a rattlesnake, which he killed.

Jennifer Sutcliffe told local station KIII-TV that her husband was working in the garden when he saw a rattlesnake long 1.2 m and decapitated her.

When he lifted the remains of the snake to throw them away, the head bit him.

The reflex to bite the victim from the snake’s remains for several hours after death. Sutcliffe said that her husband immediately started cramping.

From his home near Corpus Christi it was transported to the hospital, where doctors injected the antidote.

A week after the incident, the man reportedly is in stable condition.

Leslie Boyer, a physician at the VIPER Institute at the University of Arizona, warned about trying to kill the snakes, in particular, to slice them into several parts: “It’s cruel to the animal, and it leaves you near a venomous part of the snake, which is still dangerous.”


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