A little bit about football and not only


Немного о футболе и не только

Yesterday I asked on Facebook from my friends Russian opposition, genuinely concerned for the 2018 world Cup, the normal if they do.

What surprised me most in the comments to this post, is the fact that a huge number of people do not understand what was going on.

I started to answer in the same spirit, as though I’m generally against football as such, and in principle opposed to people rooting for the football.

What is it? Infantilism?

I don’t think!

Actually, I suppose they know perfectly well what I meant, but just “included a fool”, a kind of protective psychological reaction substitution type, pretend you don’t know what it is, and will remain in their comfort zone of bolelshikov.

Arose Association.

When in wartime, one side is massively shooting the representatives of the other side, it usually looks like this: a dozen armed men against several dozen (or even hundreds) of unarmed shoot. Purely statistically it is clear that if these unarmed attack time in the military, you win. A lot of unarmed die at the same time, but the victory will be on their side.

But such resistance is very rare. Almost never happens.


Yes, because each of those who are to be shot, well aware that if he now rushed to the firing squad with his bare hands, then very high chance he will kill with the first shot and he did not live those few minutes that can still live. And these remaining few minutes of life very important to him. It’s his comfort zone. And the closer to the firing wall, the more panicky hope that now, for some reason, all canceled and it will not shoot. And this panic hope too comfort zone.

And he understands that other going to be shot feel the same, and that chance will not support him if he was the first to rush to the butchers, is large enough. And then his “victim” will be frustratingly futile. To avoid such resentment is also a comfort zone.

Here it is and strive to get out of the comfort zone until the moment when the bullet will come into contact with his brain and not there will be an eternal comfort.

Butchers are well aware of this and therefore without fear go five against five hundred were sentenced.

Dear football fans. I remember many of you were outraged or ironically, when head of the state Duma Volodin has declared: “no Putin, No Russia.” And yet — he was right. Russia — this is Putin. Each of you is a little piece of the big collective Putin, even if Putin is that he doesn’t like.


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