A large alien killed himself because of steroids


Многодетный иностранец убил себя из-за стероидовA terrible incident.

35-year-old mark Egan of Dublin has committed suicide after years of taking steroids, and not waiting for help from the doctors.

His wife Sarata told that the man just wanted to look good at the wedding, and then failed to cope with the addiction.

The father of four children mark wanted to quickly get in shape before the wedding with his longtime love Sarata in 2013. To do this, the man began to take steroids, and, at first glance, they brought the desired result – at the wedding mark looked fine. During the honeymoon he tried to quit drugs and suddenly realized that can not do this.

Mark tried to cope with addiction in the past two years, but he did not succeed. Desperate, he turned to the doctor and found out that the queue for the treatment of steroid dependence is huge, to wait for help the man had not less than two years. Meanwhile, on the basis of the drugs the father of four started to have problems with mental and physical health.

About a week before the suicide, the patient developed a psychosis: he heard voices that threatened his family. The next day mark did not remember about it, but episodes of psychosis were repeated, and during the next attack he killed himself.


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