A huge “gold nugget” has fallen in Australia from space


Geologists have determined that the object is a meteorite.

Resident of Australia, gold digger David Hole was discovered in 2015, the stone weighing 17 kg, which he for four years was considered a huge gold nugget. However, in 2019, the geologists found that the object is a meteorite.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to rambler.ru.

To the scientists Hool addressed due to the fact that I couldn’t cut stone, despite the use of different tools. Experts have been able to do it only use a diamond saw.
Geologists have determined that a man found a “nugget” — an ordinary chondrite meteorite type H5. Such objects were formed early in the Solar system.

Scientists at the University kertina (Australia) proved the extraterrestrial origin of the glass, which was manufactured breast the amulet of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

It turned out that the material has traces of reidite — a mineral that forms only under high pressure as a result of falling of a meteorite.


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