“A genius or an alien”: it reveals main signs of the earth aliens


"Гений или инопланетянин": раскрыты главные признаки земных пришельцев The researchers made a surprising discovery about the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

An American researcher brad Steiger has made a most unexpected discovery in the history of modern medicine. He was able to learn the traces left by the representatives of other civilizations. And the result shocked him – it turns out that the aliens on Earth can be identified by blood group.

We are talking about people with a negative RH factor: that they have a special genetic line, that is, they can be the distant descendants of those for whom our planet is pretty simple and straightforward, and all the advances in technology have long been known.

According to the laws of nature, you can inherit even the most bizarre mutations, while not knowing that are carriers of a gene. About 30% of people with a negative RH factor may in the future choose a different from other life – to become psychics, healers, mediums.

"Гений или инопланетянин": раскрыты главные признаки земных пришельцев

The first representatives of this category, according to the scientist, appeared 35 thousand years ago.

Their main signs are the following:

– high level of intelligence
– low body temperature
– resistance to stress
blue, green eyes

Of course, these traits can be found in any, but still an alien civilization is not fully understood. Who knows what surprises throw us genetic modification tomorrow?


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