A former prisoner has told, what you ate in Russian prisons


Time in prison Paul Mushroom whiled away reading books and drawing.

Released from Russian captivity Pavel Grib told about the conditions in Russia which contained political prisoners, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to news.liga.net.

According to him, the jailers planted Ukrainians in separate cells and were not given personal care.

“Threw in “the hut” (the camera? – ed.), change not given, not given soap. The camera was on one. The Ukrainians the Ukrainians will not put” — described Mushroom his transfer to the SIZO “Lefortovo”.

However, according to him, at the camp were fed better than others.

“In the “Lefortovo” gave bread of good quality. For comparison, I to give this bread that you could throw to the ceiling and it stuck there. Something between a bread and dough,” — said the former political prisoner about the quality of food in a Russian prison.

Not easy, Hryb, was to organize “leisure”: the technical equipment of the camera was at a low level. Had to while away the time reading books and drawing.


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