A former employee of SpaceX told how Elon Musk motivates employees


Бывший работник SpaceX рассказал, как Илон Маск мотивирует сотрудниковIn life Mask, all subject to the exercise of his daring plans.

Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk real workaholic, so it requires its employees not less recoil.

Despite the fact that Musk sets his team ambitious goals and strict deadlines, he understands how important rest and motivation. A former employee of SpaceX told what it’s like to work on the Mask and how it motivates its employees.

1. First, the Mask takes care of the physical health of employees, so gives plenty of time to rest, and more – free Lunches, coffee and ice cream.

2. It is known that Musk does not like to waste time on unnecessary meetings, but he always finds time to write and send subordinates motivational letter, and – to make inspiring speeches.

3. In the office of SpaceX often come celebrities. For example, in the dining room in the company Mask was spotted Jennifer aniston in the hallway — Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and some staff were lucky enough to meet will Smith and Morgan Freeman. Moreover, a lecture to the employees was made by actor George Takei, known for his role as Hikari Sulu in the Star trek series.

4.Stress is the enemy of productivity, so SpaceX has an in-house masseur. And yet – there is a recreation room with Board games and consoles.

5. The entrepreneur does not restrict its employees and allows you to visit virtually any place of the company. This means that anyone can see how to build a rocket or test system.

6. Musk often satisfied with their employees inspirational leisure. For example, they together go to the cinema for films about space at the expense of the company. In addition, each year the Mask arranges a huge Christmas party.


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