A foreigner sells his innocence for the salvation of his family


Иностранка продает свою невинность для спасения своей семьи Price already installed.

Rosalie, Pinho said that she has offered 500 000 Euro per night, and hopes that by may, the amount will increase. 19-year-old girl explains that such a measure pushed her poverty.

“I do it for the family. There’s seven of us: my mother, two brothers and three sisters. After my dad left us ten years ago, things went very badly,” she explains.

According to her, the family is only her older brother, and his salary is 165 euros per month is barely enough for utilities.

“We only eat once a day. This is usually rice and very little meat, to dilute it,” adds Pinho.

Sometimes she finds temporary work, but high levels of unemployment and education at the Institute is not able to find a permanent place.

The girl believes that is the best way to dispose of the innocent, and she’s totally okay with your decision. She made a list of rules for a potential buyer: it needs to provide documentation of the absence of venereal and other diseases, is obliged to protect themselves and stay sober.

Pinho, will allow to spend not more than 12:00 only one person who will not be eligible for “cruelty and implementation actions that could impair the physical and mental state” girls.

She was not told about his intention to parents and friends. After the fulfillment of their obligations, she’s planning to move with his family to another town to buy his mother a house.

“I’ll pay for College tuition, start my own business and try to lead a quiet life, in which there would be no concern about the fact that my family had nothing to eat,” says Pinho about his future plans. The Brazilian is not yet decided, what do you say future husband.

In Brazil is not considered illegal to provide sexual services, but is prohibited to hire sexual workers and contain brothels.


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