A foreigner brilliantly avenged spouse, change with the young girlfriend


Иностранка блестяще отомстила супругу, изменившему с молодой пассиейA desperate woman has invented an original way of revenge.

This is the story of a beautiful revenge. It will be about the woman whose husband left her after 37 years of marriage because of an affair with a young Secretary. Inspired by his relationship with his young mistress, he decided to divorce his wife and start a new life. However, the wife and I decided to do one last thing, in order to avenge the wrong husband. Believe me, this story deserves to be read.

Lived in marriage 37 years, Ben suddenly threw his wife Ann, and left her for a young Secretary, with whom he was having an affair.

His new girlfriend demanded that they moved into a large house where the man lived with his wife. And thanks to the good lawyers, Ben managed to seize the house of the wife in the divorce. His ex-wife Ann Ben gave only three days to pack my things and leave. The first day she put all my things in boxes.

The next day, she hired two movers that moved her things.

On the third day she last sat in a beautiful dining room, lit candles, turned on soft music and have dinner.

After she enjoyed this process, a woman walked into every room in the house and stuffed the remnants of shrimp in the bottom of the curtains. Then she last cleaned up the kitchen and left the house in which they spent 37 years of his life.

When Ben is with his new girlfriend moved in, the first few days everything was fine.

But gradually the house began to spread unpleasant smell. They tried everything to get rid of it, cleaned and washed things in every corner of the house. They checked all vents for the presence of dead mice and cleaned every carpet. They also posted everywhere air fresheners.

Then they turned to a company that specializes in getting rid of pests, which has set various traps to destroy all kinds of insects and pests. But nothing helped.

After a while, the friends stopped coming to visit, the contractors refused to work in their house, and the housekeeper left.

In the end, and not finding the source of the unpleasant smell, they decided it was better to just move. A month passed, and although the starting price was reduced by more than 50%, they were unable to find a buyer for your home. The rumors about the “smelly” house spread, and has reached the point that even local real estate brokers refused to list the house for sale. So they had to take a Bank a huge loan for the purchase of a new home.

After a while Ben called his ex-wife Anne, to ask how she’s doing. He told her about the horrible smell in the house that would not let there even be. She politely listened, and then said she really misses the old house and would like to buy it.

Ben knew that the former wife did not even realize how unbearable was the smell in the house, and agreed to sell it for a tenth of what he once was worth. The only condition was that Ann will sign documents on the same day. She unconditionally accepted.

After a week, Ben and his young girlfriend happy stood and cooed, while the movers carried their belongings for transportation to a new home. Together, they were insanely glad that they were finally freed from the “smelly” house and Ben how cleverly deceived his ex-wife.

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Latest porters carried and moved to a new home Ben the curtains.


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