A few words about Soviet “majors”


To speak on this subject I decided after reading the article “in the Soviet Union Who were considered “major?”

Несколько слов о советских "мажорах"

Frankly, I couldn’t remember even one case of the use of the word (or the expression “Golden youth”) in Soviet times among the people of my circle.

But this does not mean that the so-called “majors,” I had no contact during the Soviet era. They met me at school, and in aviaciya, and production.

Will give a few examples.

In high school in a parallel class studied the son of the Director of our farm, all signs matching the definition of “major”, admire the West and criticized the Soviet (for details, see “What does the word “sovok”?”)

In aviaciya, one me course, studied two “major”: the nephew of the head of the school and one guy in my training platoon, whose mother was the head of one of departments of the anti-corruption squad of Dnepropetrovsk.

The nephew of the head of the school often paraded in front of our “fathers-commanders” that publicly asked them hard-hitting questions. All the officers (from Lieutenant to Colonel) were on the curve of his remarks, but left without disciplinary consequences. This fact we are very amused.

But Obsny “C” I remember the more iconic case. The commander of our company started it exactly “pressed” for apathy. As a result, “major” complained mother. My mom called the head of the College. Head of school through the battalion commander “adrucil” the company commander…

It ended up that the commander, causing the subordinate to his office, apologized to him, saying, THOU still do NOT UNDERSTAND… )))

In the beginning of his career, I made friends with one of his mentors, who was friends with “C” – the senior Lieutenant of militia, whose father was one of the leaders of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR.

I remember one case when I to a colleague urgently needed to go from the airport to the city. He asked his friend, the policeman the machine. On the way we stopped the “traffic cops”-the Chechens.

A colleague, without leaving the car, showed them the right of his friend. Cops have carefully studied law, and then asked: “Yu. V. – your friend?” And receiving an affirmative answer, returned to the right, wished a happy journey and asked to pass Yu hi…

I don’t remember the so-called “majors” had been taken for granted in my youth (70-80-ies). On the contrary, the male side was a real hunt for “Majorque”.

While studying in aviation school, one of my friends from Sittwe asked to make a campaign a friend of his girlfriend. This happened often, so I refused.

His girlfriend amazed me with her ugly appearance, in contrast to her friend. But, as it turned out later, it wasn’t about looks, but in the position of her father, who was one of the leaders of metallurgical combine “Krivorozhstal”. While the father of her friend occupied the position of a smaller category in the same organization.

I really liked the girl. Between the two of us even had something akin to love. But over time I realized that to me, “farmer”, it does not pair. How I fuck, “tank” in such a high-ranking family? And my self-esteem is not allowed to marry the benefits of…

Fifteen years later, I met in Moscow, your fellow students. He could not resist, so as not to mess with me – say, a friend of his wife’s father at the wedding gave the apartment is furnished and the machine.

We both laughed after his words. I laughed because I go to my own car, and not on ristevski. But the friend was probably laughing because he had the car, for which, unlike me, has not paid a dime… )))

There’s nothing you can do about it: to EACH HIS own…


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