A device that increases learning ability


Создано устройство, повышающее способность к обучению The experts have already tested know-how on monkeys.

Researchers from HRL Laboratories and McGill University in Montreal have developed a device that enhances learning ability. The project was developed with funding from the office of advanced research projects of the Ministry of defense (DARPA).

“The device, which is described as “non-invasive transcranial DC stimulation” (tDCS), applies a current to the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which leads to changes in interaction between different parts of the brain and increases learning ability”, – stated in the message.

According to lead researcher Dr. Pravina Pilli, current is applied to this same area of the brain responsible for cognitive functions such as memory and decision-making.
Experts say that the new device can increase learning ability by 40%.

The device was tested on monkeys, which were to determine the place where there’s food, using the visual notation. To learn to determine the relationship between symbols and food, the animals took 22 attempts. However, after stimulation with direct current they learned to do it in just 12 attempts.

It is noted that the device can be widely used in five to ten years.

Previously, scientists have talked about what you should know about your brain.

In addition, scientists from English University of reading said, the better to feed the children before exams, to enhance the efficiency of the brain. The researchers named the blueberry the best product that can improve brain activity for a short period of time.

British researchers have found that sex improves brain functioning with aging. The more sexual activity support people in middle and old age, the more intellectually developed they are.


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