A demonstration shot of the journalistic profession. Anton Orekh — what killed journalists …


Показательный расстрел журналистской профессии. Антон Орех — о том, за что убили журнали

The day of the death of Orkhan Jemal, Kirill Radchenko and Alexander Rastorguev is one of the blackest days in the recent history of our profession. And given the possible reasons (and I have these reasons no doubt!), think the black at all. After all, not only killed a very worthy man, and not just professionals of the highest class. Killing them is a demonstration shot of our entire profession.
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I write “our”, and I doubt very much that the person can call themselves a journalist. These doubts live inside me all the time, but ultimately worsen in the days of journalistic tragedy. The death of Schekochikhin, Politkovskaya and dozens of my colleagues. I’m in these moments I realized that my only formal journalism. Simply because these texts are published or aired. Or I sit at the microphone and what they say. That’s also an important thing to benefit society, and so you can way. But such work is rather journalistic, but in the age of social media something like doing everything.

Real journalists such as Jamal, Rastorguev and Radchenko. Whose work is at the forefront! Whose goal is to inform people what one report can do no more. To tell the truth, which is trying to hide from us! And only then we will summarize, analyze slowly and sitting on the couch or in a chair, lay down, anything especially without risking.

Immediately after the tragedy began the competition in the right of grief and the search for not just the perpetrators, but the “true” perpetrators of the tragedy. I think or rather I know that for sure! — how terribly hard it is to all those involved in the investigation in the Central African Republic and sending groups of Jemal.

Are you sure you did everything, thought of everything, provided for, but your dead comrades, great people, and you can’t ask yourself questions: and really everything was provided and thought out? And you hear not only the voices of Maria Zakharova, and a pack of propagandists, but normal people who poke you in the finger and shout that to send a “death” in this wild country, it has been in any case impossible!

We all have a right to honest emotion. Doubts and questions. But let’s clear up a few things. Real journalism, as I understand it, investigative journalism is always a risk. Sometimes deadly risk. Orkhan Jemal teammates took this risk consciously. Was not only to satisfy their professional ambitions — which, incidentally, is perfectly normal in any profession. They took a risk and for us too. In order that we might know the truth about the CAR at all, but about their own country and government, which governs us!

You can protect yourself from such trips in advance and accept that there will be subjects that are off-limits. To accept that something we can guarantee that we will never know. But still there will be people who will take that risk. And I’m sure Jemal, Rastorguev and Radchenko still would go in the CAR. Not now — so late, not with the LRC, so anyone else’s. Or even at your own risk. So they understood their job and their duty.

A discussion on the topic of “go — no go” will take us to the main. Who killed the Russian journalists? In a robbery I do not believe. In any Islamists in turbans and other nonsense I don’t believe. And this driver, so prudent survivor and became the sole sources of all these tales I don’t believe in the first place.

It was a murder. Murder planned and reasoned. They were killed because they wanted to conduct its investigation. And would have killed, apparently, anyone who tried to untwist this. Mercenaries Wagner or some other even don’t have to kill with your own hands. The CARS have enough willing and able to kill for a good fee, even more so.

Here again we come to the fact that in this case it is better to save people and send them to their deaths. And then go back to the fact that in this case the company agrees to “ignorance”. And the fact that there will always be those who will risk life for the truth.

But look how carefully the state media and Pro-government sites do without mentioning Wagner! It turns out that journalists just for some reason went to Africa, for some reason it killed, and now the Western press is going to spin, “because it Skrobala dies.” And this means that the trace was taken right! Our “advisors and trainers” — actually mercenaries. Whose hands Russia is fighting in Syria, and in the Donbass. This is the dirty truth that we hide from. For this and killed prominent Journalists Alexander Rastorguev, Kirill Radchenko and Orkhan Jemal.

Murderers — those who put in the ambush of the bandits and gave them the order. And I suspect that the names of these killers are not strange to the African, but much more simple and straightforward.


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