A deadly fire at a factory near Novosibirsk: the Chinese saved the shoes


Смертоносный пожар на фабрике под Новосибирском: китайцы спасали обувь

Thursday January 4, early in the morning burnt Shoe factory in the village of black river Iskitim district of Novosibirsk region. The fire area totaled 2000 square meters, the fire killed at least 10 people, most of them foreigners – citizens of China and Kyrgyzstan. Although local residents in the production almost did not work, and the product quality is poor, the accident could face a serious economic crisis for the entire region, recognize the neighbors of the burned factory.

According to eyewitnesses, the factory caught fire around 8 a.m. Novosibirsk time (4 a.m. GMT). “The fire started at about minutes twenty-ninth, – told reporters a resident of the Iskitim district as – There is a warehouse, and factory in one place. Began, as he said, from domestic premises, where he kept the glue and all sorts of flammable materials. Then something exploded and the explosion spread burning all this suspension in the shop.“



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The fire was liquidated after only a few hours, with the fire area, according to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Novosibirsk region, was about 2000 square meters in two buildings.

“Extinguishing was complicated by the fact that the buildings are covered with metal sheets, – said the press-Secretary of Department Paul Vinakov. – Had to perform the dismantling of metal structures for supplying water into the center. The situation was complicated by the presence of acrid smoke. In fire fighting involved 84 people and 24 pieces of equipment Iskitim and Berdsk fire and rescue garrisons.

One of the versions of the fire — short circuit. Officially, the cause of the fire was yet to be. Experts are considering several versions.”

By 15 o’clock local time on the fire place was discovered already dead 10. It was the employees of the factory, which is the evacuation tried to extinguish the arisen fire. Immediately it became known that among the victims are foreign nationals. Later it turned out that the majority of them. Of the ten victims in the middle of the day, seven Chinese, two Kyrgyz and one Russian.

The Chinese constituted the majority of the employees of the burned factory, told “MK” a resident of black river Sergey Maksimov. This is a fairly large enterprise, the shop which are not only “Chernorechie” – as the locals call the village – but the village, Iskitim.

– They lived here — in the building across the street, – reported to journalists in Novosibirsk by one of the villagers. I once washed at the car wash the car and counted about 50 Chinese who went to lunch. The sink is in the same building that caught fire. And then still there is a cafe “Harbin”. But the sink and cafes are not affected like. They firefighters managed to cut off the fire.

Although local residents were employed at the factory very little fire – if in the result the factory closed – it may seriously hurt the economy of the region. The fact that its products – cheap boots, sneakers, Slippers – is the main range of iskitimskiy many shops and tents. Will not products will not be of wages in the trade, and this is jobs, traditionally occupied by local residents.

– The shoes, of course, not very good quality, – said the “MK” Sergei Maximov. – But it well take, because it is cheap. In Iskitim, a lot of shops with this Shoe. Any special brand it does not, but it diverges across the country – the most common shoes, as in all factories. But after wearing quality.

We are talking about the traditional way to reduce the cost of shoes is due to the use of poorly breathable cheap synthetic materials. Footwear made from this material, looks good on the counter, but if you wear it all day, the successor of the feet. Therefore, buyers of such “rubber” shoes can be attributed to the risk of fungal diseases, said the capital’s dermatologist Andrei Nikonov.

The fate of the factory after a fire destroyed a significant portion of the production area, is still unknown. In black river they say that before such large-scale fires at the factory were not around 10 years ago, it was the only fire, and then suffered only a warehouse. On the fire place, in addition to fire brigades, Ministry of emergency situations, investigators are already working (head SK the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin ordered to take the case under his personal control the head of the regional investigation Department), psychologists and laboratory, which will finally establish the cause of the fire.


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