A country whose future was stolen, shoved stale past: take it, do not mind


Стране, у которой украли будущее, подсовывают лежалое прошлое: берите, не жалко

This Victory Day smells like in recent years, something that is not so. In zero words about the fact that Russia is the most important holiday (even with all capital letters) seemed neither deceit, nor vulgarity. And now — look. What happened? — The state, on the contrary Midas, decided to privatize the Victory and coped with this task.
Show completely…

In the end now is memory we have every year mistakes one more absurd than the other German soldiers on the posters, the German rifle on the monuments. But it would be so bad — after all, for 70 years, and well, I had forgotten how whose bayonet looked like. Worse another: the atmosphere. The most “pobedobesie”, which has replaced the sorrow.

Tomorrow morning in Moscow will be a Victory parade. Event — let’s be honest — not uniting and even somewhat absurd. Not after ‘ 73 to celebrate the victory over the enemy. Those enemies of the country that won, no longer exists, and the red square go not “Katyusha”. Go ballistic missiles, multiple rocket launchers, even some disgusting iron. Hey, the allies, the rocket “Volodya” to see? Therefore, by the veterans on parade there is no room — they offer to watch his TV: even those who specially came to Moscow.

However, the “public consensus” is that the parade everyone approves, because “exactly the same, but different” was on the red square in 45-m to year. However, for a photo of him we now have a judge — but these technical details we prefer to overlook.

Were we to live in a healthy state, the parade would have turned into something like a reconstruction of the battle of Borodino — an interesting, but completely optional show tolerance of everyone.

Then let’s say another terrible: 99% of modern Russians are Patriotic and the Great Patriotic war do not differ from each other. Because we still did not find them, nor learned from hearsay, from books and movies, and hence, is not present.

Hence come all these ridiculous “tasting siege bread” and other parties at Nightclubs “Thank you grandpa”. Because you can’t seriously ask people stung by events of the last century, when they were not neither in the light nor in the project.

And no matter how podstegivaet Patriotic feelings “the immortal shelves”, St. George ribbons, and similar stock, but after a couple years they turn into a reason for the state to introduce the Homeland. The ribbon becomes a symbol of military aggression, “Polk” after a series of scandals flows under the wing of “United Russia” and the Deputy Poklonskaya goes with the portrait of Nicholas the Bloody, summing up this whole story.

These same veterans as they lived and continue to live in ramshackle houses without gas, water and help. Now, on may 9, from a lordly shoulder will give out on 10 thousand roubles — in so much that is exactly, the government really appreciates their feat. The parade of nuclear missiles is more important.

Not mine, but the right idea farther from us 45th year, the louder it is celebrated. The worse our relations with the world — triumfalnoe becomes the celebration, the whiter shining coat of the Generalissimo (to glow fell on the other, current). A country whose future was stolen, stale slip past my mind. One time tried to impose even 1612 but failed, and decided to focus on the 45th.

Victory day should be a personal holiday memory about the loss of family, attention to living veterans, the desire of the world. What we impose now, as far as possible from all this.

I’m not saying — but just talking about myself: the day I spend with family and not in the procession behind United Russia and especially Polonskaya. Without the “great Russia”, but with people who are close to me and the road and who, like me, do not want to repeat.


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