A country of atheists: in the Christmas Church services attended, less than 2% of Russians


Страна атеистов: в рождественских богослужениях приняли участие менее 2% россиян

About 2.5 million people (or less than two percent of the population – ed.) took part in the Christmas services on the territory of Russia, violations of the order is not fixed, reported “Interfax” with reference to the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

“On the night of 6 to 7 January more than 5.7 thousand settlements took place around 11 thousand solemn worship dedicated to the celebration of the Nativity, which were attended by over 2.5 million people,” said Wolf.

According to her, the protection of public order in the temples, churches and monasteries carried out more than 50 thousand employees of internal Affairs bodies and servicemen of 3.8 thousand employees of Regardie, 3.5 thousand employees of private security organizations, 10 thousand members of the national teams, and over 5.4 thousand Cossacks.

Now, let’s calculate. 2.5 million people from the Russian population of 147 million (mid-2017) is less than 2 (two!) percent’s. In other words, only one person of the 50 came to the temple on Christmas.

The statistics is eloquent and confirms long-term observations and the findings of sociologists: in spite of active religious propaganda, the participation of the first persons of the state in the prayers of different kinds, Russia remains a country of unbelievers.

Yes, part of the “passive” atheists sometimes participates in religious ceremonies (Easter, baptism of children, funeral at the funeral), but it does so irregularly, from time to time, without delving into the details of worship, Church doctrine and sacraments. By and large these people are not part of the Church.

It is characteristic that the percentage of active citizens is not growing.

Native advertising RelapСогласно conducted by VCIOM in 2006 poll, only 9% of respondents identified themselves as Orthodox, said that observe all religious rites and participate in Church life. According to a survey conducted by Fund “Public opinion” in January-February 2010, only 4% of Russians regularly attend Church and receive the Eucharist.

It is now 2018. And the numbers of those who participate in the Church ceremonies in eight years … even decreased from 4 to 2 percent! And that was despite the opening of new churches, restoration of old and activity of religious propaganda on television and in the media.

Can you believe these numbers? Because in Russia (unlike Germany, for example) there is no official statistics of membership in religious organizations: the law prohibits demand from citizens of statements about their religious affiliation. Thus, religiosity of the Russians and their religious identity can be judged only by sociological surveys of the population and statements of the clerics, who are often wishful thinking.

Against this background, Ministry of the interior statistics on the actual attendance of churches deserves attention. In any case, the Russian police for fear of terrorist attacks, learned how to count people at events. At least for the reason that the number of parishioners depends on the number of police forces and funds raised for law enforcement.

In addition, the attendance of churches in the days of big holidays is not the only indicator of religiosity. If you seriously ask the Russians how many of them do NOT celebrate the New year according to the new calendar (i.e. the night of January 1 and not the 13th), but haven’T touched fast food during the Great pre-Christmas Post, we get a vanishingly small value of “true believers.”


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