A climatologist told how to lower the temperature on Earth


The planet cools from the eruptions.

The climate is strongly influenced by the ocean and the eruption of large volcanoes. This was announced by the doctor of geographical Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine Svetlana Boychenko, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

According to the scientist, the climate is very strongly influenced by the ocean and the eruption of large volcanoes.

“The warming ocean comes out of its waters carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere. Thus it also boosts the greenhouse effect. If it is cold, the ocean, on the contrary, from the atmosphere takes them and “tying” them in its waters. This can lead to cold,” explained climatologist.

According to S. Boychenko, in nature everything is interconnected. The climate is a complex system. The earth’s climate system – space and lithosphere and the ocean directly to the atmosphere, is a lot of factors involved and build up their balance sheets.

“According to different hypotheses on the climate is also affected by the eruption of large volcanoes. And not just any eruption, and the eruption into the stratosphere at the altitude of 20-30 km, and If the eruption in the troposphere up to an altitude of 15 km, the atmosphere cleans itself and the effects occur up to 3 months. If gets into the stratosphere, the particles of the eruption there are longer, plus there sulfur oxides to form sulfate aerosol, which leads to a decrease in temperature. There is the effect of albedo (the reflectivity of the surface), the sun’s rays and kicking back. This photochemical processes. Therefore, the effects from volcanic eruptions (most often it is the cycle of volcanoes, when multiple volcanoes erupt) can be from one year up to 15 years – from one volcano, depending on what he threw away and how much higher”, — said the climatologist.


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