A Chinese ship found a huge gun of unknown type


The portal NavyRecognition published pictures of a converted landing ship PR. 072-III”, Jianshang”, with a weapon of unknown type.

Photo: navyrecognition.com

Gun is in the bow of the vessel. On the deck of the ship, there are containers that may possibly placed the electrical equipment. Externally, the installation itself is reminiscent of the railgun British company BAE Systems.

Photo: navyrecognition.com

Perhaps the Chinese have started testing their own railguns. The place where you took these photos is not disclosed, but we can assume that the ship is in Central China on the Yangtze river.

Photo: navyrecognition.com

The shots of the ship from another angle you can see that the Chinese design looks quite workable. If the novelty is really railgun, China will become the first country to use it on the sea.
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