A Catholic Bishop urged Christians to Russia to learn from the faithful of Europe


According to the Secretary of the Conference of Catholic bishops Igor Kovalevsky, practicing Christians in the Old world more than in Russia

Католический епископ призвал христиан России учиться у верующих Европы

Russian Christians need to learn from believers in Europe, reported in the ether “Russian news service” the Secretary-General of the Conference of Catholic bishops of Russia Igor Kovalevsky.

“The level of Christianity in Europe is quite high, the percentage of practicing Christians is much higher than in Russia. We have a lot to learn. First of all, how to live in a secular world and simultaneously profess Christian values. You need to learn the attendance of Church services,” — said Kovalevsky.

In addition, the Bishop urged to communicate not with politicians, and with the Christian communities of Europe. They are, in the opinion of a Catholic priest, also do not agree with the legalization of same-sex relationships, juvenile justice and other issues.

On 5 February it became known that Patriarch Kirill will meet with the Pope. This happens in Cuba on February 12.

Religious leaders will discuss the problems of Christianity, and, as noted, will sign the total document.


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