A British fan reported a beating by muggers in Moscow


Британский фанат сообщил об избиении гопниками в Москве

A UK resident, arrived in Moscow for the 2018 world Cup, complained about the beating and robbery. Apparently, beat him not for the Russian fans and ordinary hooligans. However, the Briton was so drunk that he couldn’t even pronounce his name.

About the incident with a drunken English soccer fan tells the Telegram channel Mash. It is known that a foreigner has filed a complaint against illegal actions of unknown persons in the Moscow police. Judging by his story, guest of the football world Cup-2018 was beaten and robbed five Gopnik.

Barely moving language, the Briton revealed that offenders with his fists forced him to withdraw money from the card and took them. The amount the man could not remember. Moreover, the British could not clearly pronounce even his own name.

Police are now awaiting the arrival of an interpreter to continue the interrogation and clarify some details.


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