8-year-old boy reached the summit to raise money for treatment of the mother


8-летний мальчик покорил вершину чтобы собрать деньги на лечение материEight-year-old boy became the youngest climber in the world, having conquered the top 135 m called an Old Goy.

Edward mills, of Dunnett, Caithness, UK, made a difficult ascent to raise money for charitable organizations “Climbers against cancer”, as his mother, Becky Christian, suffering from terminal breast cancer.

38-year-old Becky never thought I’d see the day when her son will conquer the summit off the coast of Orkney the sea.

When he reached the top on Friday, she watched him from the boat.

The mother said, “I’m so proud of him. Proud of the fact that he focused only on how to raise the head and do it.”

On Sunday morning, eight-year-old boy has collected more than 22,000 pounds, more than twice its initial goal of £ 10,000.


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