8 ways to extend the life of wipers


8 способов продлить жизнь дворникам

Early on “the Zhiguli” it was possible to change the wipers gum for a penny. Today, the price of the wipers on some cars up to 2000 roubles, for example, the Peugeot 308 or Ford S-Max. You can, of course, buy cheap Chinese nouneym, but these wipers is always a cat in the bag: can be good, and Novia can leave stains and traces. So I offer several ways of extending the life of your old wipers.

1. In spring, when on the road a lot of sand and dust in the winter, in the morning before the trip, do not be lazy a couple of times to dust it off with a regular brush. For a night on the windshield settles to a decent layer of dust. If we put her wipers, the glass will gradually be covered by macrocarpon, and the wipers will microsauria that will later leave marks and stains on the glass.

2. Periodically wipe the wipers with a damp cloth — you will see what they dirty. For stubborn dirt, the wipers begin to wipe away the bad water, harden and scratch the glass. If you wipe them at least a couple times a week, they will last longer.

3. If you buy new wipers’t want to, but the old is already clearly came to an end, you can take a razor blade and cut a small layer of rubber edges on the part of a janitor, which is in contact directly with the glass. After that, a while the wipers will clean the glass well and thus you will prolong their life. Instead of the blade, by the way, you can use a special device-a cutter for this purpose, but it is much more expensive blades, so to save much fail.

4. Another option. You need to take x/cotton cloth moisten it thoroughly in petrol or solvent and thoroughly wipe the rubber edge wipers over the entire length a dozen times. Since the wipers are not made of solvent resistant rubber, thin old layer of rubber dissolves, and the edge again becomes smooth and clean, the janitors will clean the glass like new. The beauty of this method is that it can be used more than once or twice.

5. You can use old-fashioned methods. Remove the wipers, place them overnight in a basin with gasoline, they soften and some time will clean the glass well.

6. Winter is always necessary to carefully clear ice off the windshield scraper. If you have heated glass, you need to turn it on and wait until the ice will turn into water. If no heat, then turn the flash off on the glass. The lower part of the ice has thawed and the whole piece of ice move out from the glass like butter. If you try to remove the ice from the windshield wipers, their soft parts, which come into contact with glass, are damaged and begin to leave stains. Can be enough just once.

7. If you have frame wiper blades, it is possible that the reason is not “gum” and in hinges that are rusted or scored dirt and now bad move, not pressing properly “blade” the wiper to the glass. View, clean and flush frame — could be the wipers, poor cleaning because of this.

8. Another reason for the poor performance of the janitors — janitors weakened springs. Over time, like any spring, it “gets tired”, you Should either replace it with a new one, or to preload one of its ends. By the way, those who leave at night in the winter the wipers in the raised position, the springs are “tired” faster.


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