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7 most harmful things in the bedroom


7 самых вредных вещей в спальнеThe bedroom is just a bed, but how much is good sleep depends not only on the provided bed.

Sleep is very important for rest, for happiness, for inner peace, physical and mental health.

The space in which you sleep should appease, to soothe, to lull, not to remind about the daily routine and stress.

Before determining what will be in your bedroom, find out, then there should not be exact.

Talk about it interior designers, experts in lighting and sleep.

30% of pet owners who allow them to sleep in your own bed, Wake up at night at least once. If you dream of uninterrupted sleep, the dog will have to relocate to another room.

“Don’t eat in the bedroom, this sends the wrong signals to the brain,” — said the expert on sleep and co-founder of The Goodnight Co Shea Morrison.


“Working in bed, you’re more likely to get nervous and fill your head with things you need to think in the morning,” says Shea. Agree with him an interior designer Melita Maven. “Your bedroom is a sanctuary, not the workplace,” she said.

Phones and other gadgets
Blue and white light emitted by digital screens, prevents the brain from producing the sleep hormone melatonin. Without it difficult to sleep and relax. In addition, incoming messages or calls can simply Wake you up.

Blue and white color in the interior
“Shades of cool white and blue colors suppress melatonin production, so people feel alert and awake. These colors are often used in offices, gyms and operational,” says an expert on lighting Luke Slangen.

“The impact of a warm yellowish-white light, on the contrary, promotes the production of the sleep hormone, so it is used in recreational areas: living rooms, bedrooms, and bars, restaurants and hotels”

Make sure the light bulbs in your bedroom are shining warm and soft light which can be adjusted.

Bright walls
Avoid red, orange or bright pink.

“Your bedroom should be set on peace and relaxation, not to arouse emotions,” said the interior designers Sonia Warner and Jacinta woods.

Oversized furniture
The tightness and the pile of furniture is a sure way to force yourself to worry about.

“It’s hard to relax if before my eyes a large amount of interference. Create the bedroom light and open space,” says designer Sarah Ritchie.



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