69-year-old President of Finland will become a father


69-летний президент Финляндии станет отцомIn the Royal family will soon ripen replenishment.

In the family of the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö in February 2018 expected completion.

The President of Finland, the 69-year-old Sauli Niinistö, and his wife, 40-year-old Jenny, Houki, are expecting a baby. This was reported by the website of the office of the President.
“If all goes according to plan, our family is expecting a new addition in February 2018. We have for many years hoped that we will have a child. Over the years we have encountered many difficulties. Therefore, in early pregnancy we have experienced not only happiness, but also experiences,” write Niinistö and Haukio in the press release of the office.

Niinistö and Haukio married 3 Jan 2009.

Niinistö have two children from my first marriage. Haukio, expecting first child.

The first wife of the Finnish President was killed in an accident in 1995.

Agency Yle notes that no President in the history of Finland were not born at the time of the execution of his presidential powers.


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