55-year-old brad pitt surprised beefy torso


Popular Hollywood actor brad pitt, which appeared without a shirt in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood” has delighted fans.

Fans were amazed by the perfectly pumped press the actor who a couple of years ago was not in the best form, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

Fans of the actor together came to the conclusion — after parting with Angelina Jolie, he began to look much better.

But the changes, the newspaper notes, did not happen by themselves. To begin with, the actor received treatment from addiction to alcohol and completely refused from alcohol. And then, as said one of the friends of the actor, started every day in the gym where he worked up a sweat.

According to the man, pitt is a very responsible attitude to training, never “moonlight” and not miss classes. It helped brad in two ways: to cope with the emotional challenges of divorce with Jolie and significantly improve fitness.

As for Quentin Tarantino — “Once in Hollywood”, in which brad and demonstrated their “cubes” on the belly, it could be a turning point in the career of the actor. Indeed, although pitt was thrice nominated for the prize Award, the coveted Golden statuettes in his collection still there. But critics, who see the new work of the actor, together predicting him this year is a chance to finally get an Oscar.

As you know, the “Oscar” hopes and onscreen partner pitt on this film — Leonardo DiCaprio, in whose collection already has one coveted gold-plated statuette for drama “Survivors”. Interestingly, before the movie Tarantino brad and Leo never starred together. But they both liked to work on one platform, and they made friends that have already expressed their desire to definitely repeat the experience. As a joke recently, the pitt, he may even write with Leo Christmas album…


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