5 tips by endocrinologist about improving metabolism and hormone levels after self-isolation


We have all been through a very interesting global experiment. People were isolated, and food was available and in large quantities.

We eat anxiety and stress with chocolate cake, sleep longer, drink a glass, or even a couple, of good wine before going to bed. We notice that the period of self-isolation has changed our habits in many ways. Doctors note these changes, paying attention to the fact that the time spent sitting at home for a long time was the cause of inactivity, weight gain, abuse of sweets and alcohol.

Experts even say that the quarantine caused premature old age. Can this aging be reversed? What are the important techniques for improving your physical condition and health after self-isolation? What tests should you take, what should you pay attention to with your therapist? We will tell you in this article.

1. Walking twice a day

The first tip is simple. Taking into account that you are not forbidden to walk, and the weather is fine, you need to increase your physical activity. Take your dog with you. So, having the dog is very well disciplined in terms of physical activity.

Daily two-time walks are very helpful for improving your physical condition.

2. Add vegetables, fruits and healthy fats to the diet

Now everything is conducive to adding fresh vegetables, berries, herbs, fruits, nuts and plant extracts and to the diet. WHO attributes 3 million deaths each year to a lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet. But do not overdo it. It’s the most important thing about fitting nutrition. Vegetables contain a lot of carbohydrates (carrots and beets), and fruits and berries contain a lot of fructose and glucose. One eaten peach or one apple is a great benefit.

Also important for metabolism are omega-3, omega-6 and gamma-linolenic acid, which have a positive effect for mental health, blood pressure and skin appearance. Scientific researches show the beneficial weight loss effect of including omega fats in the diet.

Nuts or special extracts are excellent sources of healthy fats. For example, CBD oils contain a lot of these. Hemp oils also contain a large amount of vitamin E, riboflavin and vitamins B1 and B2, all the main trace elements (iron, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc).

3. Go to the therapist and check the body’s metabolism

You can make an appointment at the clinic and assess your metabolic rate by passing simple tests: general blood analysis, glucose, insulin, uric acid (General urine analysis), total cholesterol.

4. Water improves metabolism and burns fat

Don’t forget to drink water. It’s hot weather outside, we lose a lot of fluid when we breathe and through the skin and don’t notice it. Loss of moisture worsens our condition.

In addition, as they say that without oxygen there is no fire, and without water, fat does not leave the body. With water, toxins are removed from the body, the metabolism improves, and even by regularly drinking water, we interrupt the constant desire to eat. Many people confuse the desire to drink and the desire to eat. Therefore, we drank a glass of water – it seems like I stopped wanting to eat.

5. Good sleep rhythm regulates the hormonal background

Do not forget that people who go to bed after midnight will have much more fat tissue and worse health than those who go to bed on time, that is, before 23 hours. There is such a concept as circadian rhythms, on which people are very dependent.

If we go to bed late, we disrupt the balance of several very important hormones and above all cortisol – the conductor of our entire hormonal system.

The system of adaptation of our body is ingeniously arranged. It is very strong and can overcome many things, quickly and flexibly rebuild. Body can adapt to these irregular rhythms, but it loses health in the process of adaptation. Remember, you don’t have another body like some other dress!


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