5 players of the Premier League, which in the summer can go to European clubs


Ukrainian Premier League in its current state cannot be the ultimate dream for a player. Because more or less decent players keen to move to Europe. The website Betsiti accepts bets on transfers including Ukrainian players.

Victor Tsygankov

The red-haired midfielder “Dynamo” has received chance to catch a place in based on the background of the outflow of foreign performers. Ukrainization of the Kyiv club then went rather abruptly, and one of the fruits of her was just Tsygankov. He can play on the wing or behind the striker, has excellent passing, vision, dribbling and shooting. Simply put, at the age of 21 he has already outgrown the level of the Premier League and can safely try the forces abroad.

This season, the Victor has scored 11 goals in 22 rounds of the Premier League, giving 6 assists. In the Europa League he has 2 goals and 4 assists. In December Tsygankov got in the symbolic team of the group stage of the Europa League.

The interest in Viktor is already present. It is rumored that he requested a transfer to Borussia Dortmund, where previously moved from Kiev Andriy Yarmolenko. However, Kiev did not accept the proposal in the amount of 16 million euros. We know that the owner of “Dynamo” Igor Surkis very reluctantly selling players, but this is a situation where Tsygankov need to insist on the transfer. To develop further in the Premier League it is not possible, and this means that either need moving, or he will lose the most important years.

Vitaly Nikolenko

And again, talk about the player of “Dynamo”. 19-year-old left-back suddenly managed to displace from one of the few foreign players of the team – but Pilarica. And it’s not that Horvath was in bad shape. Just a game, Mikolenko looks very Mature. He manages not only to deal with their goal and to help partners sharp connection to the attack. In the season 2018/2019 in the asset, Mikolenko already played 19 games for Dynamo, which is not bad for a 19-year-old player, especially given the presence on his position of competition.

In early 2019, michalenko made the list of 50 players up to 20 years, which, according to representatives of UEFA have the most potential. Vitali has a lot to learn, but one thing is clear – much better for him, the learning process will take place in Europe. The problem here is the same as in the previous case – if released the player’s guide?

Nikolay Shaparenko

A third Dynamo player, who should think about changing the place of residence and performances – Nikolay Shaparenko. 20-year-old long-haired midfielder, seems to have add to muscle mass and the ability to fight, but the talent he lacks, and it is noticeable to the naked eye.

For the main team of Kiev Shaparenko made her debut back in season 2017/2018, and then played in 14 matches, opened the scoring his goals at a professional level. This season things are going better – 5 goals in 17 games. Of course, the effectiveness of attacking play needs to improve, but for a Central midfielder and the indicators seem good. Besides, Shaparenko know how great it is to choose the position that helps him to destroy the opponent’s attacks even if an insufficient number of muscle mass.

Such a player as Shaparenko today can be claimed in any European championship. This is a performer with a bright football mind. And so she continued to remain, and even improved, it is necessary to leave Kiev.


In these kinds of ratings include Tyson for many years. Now he’s 31, and has long understood that the Brazilian has outgrown the Ukrainian League, and it is strong. He drags himself Shakhtar Donetsk, and it’s hard to imagine the success of the club without him. In fact, Shakhtar are with him and without him – different power team.

Until Tyson got a couple of years that he can effectively use playing in Europe. About some rapid progress here already we are not talking, not the age. But to strengthen their actions, some even quite respectable European club – it is feasible for the Brazilian goal. It is clear that the demand is there, and suggestions for Tyson was, but apparently too good a contract he was offered management of the Donetsk club.

Mykola Matvienko

The Shakhtar defender has an impressive versatility. He is on the wing to play can, and in the center. He’s all right with positioning and winning the ball, and the adequate ability to pass the first pass.

General Director of Donetsk club Sergey Palkin described the prospects Matvienko: “We believe that in the future, Matvienko is one of the strongest Central defenders in Europe. Nicholas has all the qualities: speed, technique, the onset of an attack, a good reading of the game, and most importantly – he has a bright head.” Given the many talents spotted at Shakhtar, such advances are not empty words.

Now Matvienko, 22 years old, and if he continues to progress in the Shakhtar’s first team, the change of the championship itself will Mature as a necessary need for further development.

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