42-year-old Milla Jovovich has revealed for candid photoset


The actress posed for a popular glossy in shorts and no bra.

Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Milla Jovovich, who recently had the face to show what it looks like without the makeup, appeared in a rather strange and provocative photo shoot.

New photoset “unvarnished” 42-year-old actress was created for the French magazine l’express Styles.

Fashion editors of this publication invited the star to appear in clothing without any hint of glamour.

And she was happy to be part of this work – this Jovovich herself wrote on his Instagram, where he posted photos from the photo shoot.

On pictures Jovovich posing in pantyhose, through which shines underwear, translucent tops without underwear, sweatshirts and other enough of the original images.

Pictures of the actress have become quite Frank, however they fans liked.


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