34 the Turkish military was given a life sentence for the assassination of Erdogan


34 турецким военным дали пожизненное заключение за покушение на ЭрдоганаThey were going to kill the President of Turkey during the coup.

In Turkey, the court issued a verdict in the case of soldiers who were accused of trying to kill the President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The judge sentenced the 34 accused to life imprisonment. According to the indictment, this group of military officers headed by former Brigadier-General gökhan Sahin Semester, they were going to capture and kill Erdogan during the coup attempt.

Recall Erdogan at a meeting in the White house could not convince trump to extradite Gulen.

Earlier in Turkey because of the threat of “national security” was fired almost 4 thousand civil servants for one day.


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