23 the delicacy of the USSR


During the Soviet Union all secretly dreamed of change, secretly dreamed of living “abroad”, for the first time, and about the exquisite food that you never tried. And then — done! And now we are left with nostalgia to reminisce about old times and the food is very tasty, as it turned out.

Most recipes of that time are simple and the dish unpretentious. The reason is simple: the food stalls are not happy with the variety. But while our mom managed to cook the Goodies from what was, we managed to create own, the incomparable culinary delights. What list have you tried?

Bread crust
To run to the store for bread — one of the first tasks that was given to the Soviet child. And now, at breakneck speed, you run to the nearest store. Clenching a penny in a small palm, stand in queue and wait until a lady in a high cap it will return to you. But back home you can slowly. Of course! Flavored crust, before which you cannot resist. Well who hasn’t brought home a slightly half-eaten bread?

Caramel cocks
Chickens, bunnies, foxes — candy acquired a variety of forms. But all of them are made of sugar and melted butter. You could buy some at the store and on the market from enterprising grandmothers. Where there Chupa Chups to take.

When in the early 90’s we were zastrevali cassettes with foreign films to holes, I always tried something like beautiful heroes. Gum that have always been with me, for many children was a luxury. But that didn’t stop them. Admit it you also chewed gum fruit trees!

A bunch of bagels
Competing with a variety of biscuits and soft cookies, bagels lost their popularity. And 30 years ago bought them in bundles. And while mom or grandma was kept busy in the kitchen, each girl thought proper to try a bunch. Amazing decoration!

Bread with sugar
Just remember — Drools. It now we buy or prepare a variety of desserts. And while the greatest delicacy was a piece of white bread with butter, liberally sprinkled with sugar. When oil was not, the bread is just moistened with water, and then sprinkled with sweet sugar.

Sandwich cookie
Remember the biscuits with baked milk? It was so delicious and flavorful that it was hard to wait until the boil kettle. And to make it even better, it was enough to grease one cookie butter and cover this stuffing second.

Condensed milk in tin
Today the milk is so great that the eyes diverge. And earlier in the stores have built a pyramid of one type of liquid condensed milk. To grease wafer cakes or cook toffee, condensed milk cooked. Sometimes, after midnight, washed the walls and ceiling. But “explosive” Goodies never refused.

Here they are, candy that could have indefinitely. Well, if not indefinitely, then just before abdominal pain. Yes, you can find something remotely resembling the taste of the Fudge in the shop. But only those who lost their seals after every other candy, will feel the difference.

Ascorbic pills
It was sold in small plastic bubbles and it was incredibly sour. Many are always tempted to pick up some things secret from parents. After several pills the language became a little yellowish, but because acid sometimes there were even small wounds. But that did not deter lovers of sweets.

Cheese “Friendship»
Today, you can find products under the same name, but the one the Soviet taste, it does not repeat. To remember my childhood, it is possible to cook a cheese mass at home. Before the cheese was added in variety of dishes or just eaten a bit of sugar to the tea.

Dessert “Nut»
To be honest, the form for baking nuts such I have so far. After all the twists and turns with a can of condensed milk mother kneaded a special batter and brought it to readiness in the form. My job was to dump in the nuts. Of course, half a tin of condensed milk missing in the process.


Cheese in tea
You’ve done such an experiment. As children, just drinking tea is boring. Definitely need something in there to dunk biscuits, candy, cheese. Speaking of the latter, the temperature it starts to melt a little. It is important to wait a few seconds to perfection — and immediately send in the mouth.

Of those few products that have always been on the shelves and available was and paste. Today many people are surprised that this product was sold in cans. But for the kids of that time is quite normal.

Jelly, bricks
Why wait until mom comes home from work and cook strawberry jelly? Enough to print a pack and to chew, brickett. Then, of course, parents scolded, but the game was worth the candle. And you did that?

Where do you put stale bread today? If you were transported 30 years ago, this question would have not tortured: cut it in slices, dip in beaten egg and fry in a hot pan until brown. Generation of toaster not even dreamed of!

Only comes the heat — the shelves are filled with a drink called “Kvass”. If you grew up in the Soviet Union, you know that modern dark drink has nothing to do with this brew.

Homemade peanut brittle
Fragrant and delicious sweet prepared at home, as to find it in a store was pretty hard. It would seem, nothing tricky or special: pour the cleaned seeds caramel, wait until the mass hardens, divide it into briquettes. A broken tooth, or even one, is a consequence.

Baked potato
It will be many years until the newfangled word “barbecue” will accompany the talk about the camping trip. And while you can just build a fire and throw a few potatoes. Break off a twig from a nearby Bush and used it to flip the potatoes. Then get thrown from one hand to the other, peel, eat still hot… a Great master class for today’s children.

Residents of big cities buy it on the market or in the supermarket to prepare the Goodies. Anyone have a small plot of land, withdrawn under the dock. And before this plant can be seen on the street of a small town. Chewed it all, who was spent outside almost all the time.

Bread with vegetable oil
So, the instruction for those for whom this combination do not think delicacy: take a piece of rye bread, smeared it with vegetable oil and sprinkle with salt, and chopped green onions. The children were delighted!

Cookie “Fries»
The famous Soviet dessert reminiscent of potatoes only form. In fact it is cookies, cocoa, melted butter and nuts. Mixed, blind balls — dessert is ready. If you want to remember the real taste here is the detailed recipe.

Doctoral sausage
It is today. But not like that. Probably, at that time used a special recipe, which was lost. Until someone just making a sandwich with boiled sausage, tea and other fried her. So it became tastier and there was nothing better.

Jam and black bread
Modern kids eat cheese frosting, chocolate bars and cupcakes. And we cut a piece of black bread and open a jar of currant jam. No creams, jams and marmalades can not compete with this dessert.


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