2018 world Cup: Football fans flooded Russian cities


ЧМ-2018: Футбольные фанаты заполонили российские города

Before the start of the mega sporting event – the football Championship in the Russian Federation – is less than a week. The first match of the unique scale of the event will be the game of the Russian national team against the national team of Saudi Arabia, which will be held on 14 June 2018 at the Moscow stadium “Luzhniki”.

Now on the streets of 11 cities of the Russian Federation, where the 12 stadiums will compete best players in the world, it is possible to the naked eye to see a huge number of foreigners. To their surprise, there is no limit: so friendly citizens, the unique architecture of the city, informative of the streets and key routes cannot boast of any one country, which were formerly the world Cup.

The fan zone reserved for ardent fans and lovers to show their love for a particular team, start to become a kind of “Mecca” of fans. For their health should not be afraid: a feast of football does not accept rooted in the minds of the image of an aggressive bully – the times are changing, as the attitude ardent hooligans to football.

The atmosphere is truly festive: people with a lot of fun taking pictures with each other, learn interesting details about the team from “first hand” familiar and positive way to spend time. In the days of the world Cup 2018 all the geopolitical and financial strife the world go by the wayside – ordinary citizens of dozens of countries are woven into a single dance of idle-stop and forget about everything.

To describe a Grand event in a few words: maximum security, maximum comfort, best informative, best atmosphere and a positive attitude. World Cup 2018 will be the best demonstration of the hospitality of the Russian Federation for everyone who wants to experience the true realities of our cities, to personally communicate with the citizens and lay down their own impressions about our unique Home.

The wait is very long. All teams participating in the festival of football, I want to wish you success, restraint, strong-willed victory and fair play: let’s hope that Russian Federation will begin a new era of positivity in sports activities, not marred by political insinuations and nationalist nonsense. Welcome!


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