18-year-old daughter of Jude law surprised a t-shirt with a portrait of Putin


New bow, daughter of actor provoked a storm of criticism online.

The daughter of popular actor Jude law came out in a t-shirt, which depicted Russian President Vladimir Putin with a naked torso.

The image of the iris has caused mixed emotions among the users of the network. The Russians, of course, rejoiced in this fact, and the rest of the followers of the model did not like fashion-the image of the iris.The main reason for dissatisfaction was the portrait of the President of the Russian Federation on the chest of the girl.

We will remind, parents of iris, actor Jude law and actress Sadie frost divorced when she was only three years. The girl was left to live with the mother but with the father she has always maintained good relations.

Iris and now quite often publishes photos of his famous dad in the microblog.


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