14-year-old girl managed to save up for your own house. Photo


Soon the house will pay off and be profitable.

Of your own housing dream, perhaps, everything. But not everyone is able to buy a house as a teenager. When 14-year-old willow Tufano told his parents about the plans to become owner of their own property, they didn’t know what to think.

Willow Tufano (Willow Tufano) still a teenager. The only thing that distinguishes her from her peers is her passion. She buys and then resells at a more interesting price on the online auctions of different funny things. And she is not chasing trends that are so in love with her girlfriend. Expensive smartphones, fun entertainment – all this for her. 2 year willow managed to save 6 thousand dollars.

When she thought about where to invest earned money, then the best solution considered the purchase of their own home. Moreover, the time was favorable – the price of the real estate market at the time collapsed. Home that recently sold for 100 thousand, put on sale for 16 thousand. As an experienced “sales Manager” willow Tufano could not bargain, and knocked the price down to 12K. How were surprised the parents when the girl said that she would like to buy their own homes, and mom and dad need to add just the half of it.

Cosmetic repairs in the house happy owner of the house did itself. And parents helped to bring into the house furniture. Currently, willow is losing your house to rent for 700 dollars a month and have decided that soon it will pay off and will bring her profit.


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