14 thousand per consumer. The Moscow mayor’s office pays for the Royal receptions


14 тысяч на одного едока. Московская мэрия оплачивает царские фуршеты

The cost of off-site receptions of the government of the capital in 2018 has doubled

Moscow city hall spends on food during the trips more than the government – estimated the journalists of the Daily Storm, examining 28-million contract by the Office of the mayor with power Plant financial and economic management (FHU) for the organization of banquets.

This menu is impressive, there is baked ham and roast beef and roulade of rabbit with dried apricots and kernels, and the terrine of veal with mushrooms and a sauce of tropical fruits, and a tippet of chicken with quail egg and salmon caviar. One serving a cold snack (150 grams) costs to the city budget 310,6 of the ruble.

Worse is the case with fish. There is more “valuable species of fish”: hot smoked sturgeon, muksun, nelma, whitefish, Cisco, Caspian room. Portion 150 grams worth 422 of the ruble.

In addition, officials will taste ripe avocado with pine nuts, eggplant with pomegranate and cilantro, zucchini with soft creamy cheese and vegetables.

Among the salads: mix with beetroot, soft cheese, pine nut and cilantro, or salad with prawns, fresh vegetables on a bed of ginger paste. Or cantalupa melon with slices of prosciutto in a sauce of passion fruit.

There are also canapés with tiger shrimp, pineapple and mint, salmon mousse with avocado.

Well, hot on the municipality prefers cream soups seafood or mushrooms, pumpkin and chicken, and quail, sturgeon, sturgeon, lamb. And all this for some 778 rubles.

For dessert Petit fours “Esterhazy”, “bird’s milk with raspberry, homemade cookies, cakes “Moscow”. Even a slice of lemon to tea has its price – 11 rubles from the budget.

So drink: cognac aged from 10 to 25 years. A 100-gram serving is 1579 rubles. Glass (also 100 grams) of dry wine Pinot Noir, Traminer or Syrah is 1058 rubles.

It is estimated that such receptions will visit in 2018 of about 2000 people, each guest will cost about 14,000 rubles.

Last year for the same expenditures more than half of budget funds – 12.3 million rubles. What can you do? Sanctions, crisis, enemies all around, and something you want to eat…


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