12 years of missed opportunities in the report on the work of the mayor of Krasnodar


12 лет упущенных возможностей в докладе о работе мэра Краснодара

Journalist Dmitry Shevchenko presented a report on the results of the office of Vladimir Evlanov from 2004 to 2016, reports Yugopolis. The main purpose of the publication, according to the authors, is not to vilify former mayor, and that the new government of the city was thus clearly priglashennye to cooperation and dialogue.

Open Russia offers a brief overview of the report

Chapter 1. Family

On a post of the mayor Evlanov was one of the founders of the nonprofit organization “Fund of assistance to revival of Orthodox churches”. In the construction of Church buildings, the mayor violated his powers, illegally appropriated public land to the Orthodox Church.

Son Evlanov Eugene is the co-owner of six retail and service businesses. His construction business “Group of companies STM” is one of the most successful in its field in the Kuban. The company received municipal contracts and maintained private development projects of luxury housing and office complexes. In connection with the “improvement” of the father in the business started a black stripe.

Chapter 2. The “economic “anticode”

Shevchenko believes that the city’s budget went to ineffective spending. Funds went to such non-essential needs, such as fountains, landscaping and pseudo-historical decoration and construction. Also increased costs for administrative staff, law enforcement, and at the same time, reduced the social sector budget.

Since 2011, the expenses began to exceed income. In 2015, the budget deficit reached a record high of 2.2 billion rubles. The city is mired in loans from commercial banks. At the end of the reign of Krasnodar Evlanov debts amounted to 9 billion rubles.

The report highlighted the following examples of questionable schemes of the former city administration, as the project of paid Parking in the centre of the Kuban capital. Between the city and the new OOO “City Park” signed an agreement under which 90% of the proceeds received by the investor and the remaining 10% of the city Treasury. Under the pay-zone, took the roadway, not having any Parking spaces. All “investments” were limited to road markings, installation of signs and Parking meters, most of which did not work.

Chapter 3. “The city that never appeared”

Winning the election in 2005, Evlanov promised to produce large-scale reconstruction of Krasnodar city centre, filled with dilapidated housing. To sponsor high-rise buildings in this place were private investors, which, according to Dmitry Shevchenko, the government has put in such conditions that participation in the project became unprofitable business.

The project was ready only by 2007, its total cost is estimated at €16 billion In total under the name of reconstruction began to plan the construction of “coastal areas in the Jubilee neighborhood,” but because of the protests of the inhabitants refused to implement. According to the Deputy of the city Duma of Krasnodar of Igor kolomiytseva, the renovation project was a “Grand megapharm, which never was”.

Chapter 4. “Cut Krasnodar”

During the leadership Evlanov since 2007, disappeared of the order of 300 hectares of recreational areas: parks, squares and boulevards, which bring only “unnecessary” expense of the administration. More than half of the Park 30-letiya Pobedy went into private ownership, the same fate befell Chistyakovskaya grove, areas on specially protected natural areas and other common areas.

Despite promises to improve the transport situation in Krasnodar, the effect of the policy Evlanov was rather negative, says the author of the report. Union CBM “KTTU” in July 2017, appealed to the new mayor Eugene Pervasive, as the company was on the verge of bankruptcy because of a disadvantageous contract for the lease purchase 98 “Olympic” buses, which he imposed on the government. According to Shevchenko, the wear of the trams is at 90%, trolley buses — 80%. At the same time price of travel by public transport has increased six-fold.

In addition, the speaker accuses the city administration in the impossible passion projects instead of building bridges, capacity expansion of highways and the development of Park and ride facilities, which Krasnodar was not ready to growth of motorization.


According to the journalist, the city authorities must radically change the development paradigm of the city: to save him from dependence on the construction business, to start a comprehensive renovation of the center, to solve the problems of traffic, improve the environmental situation.

“You have to understand that another conditional “Evlanov” Krasnodar simply will not survive — the city needs change!” — sums up its report Shevchenko.


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